Challenges to Law at the End of the 20th Century: Law, Justice and Culture.

Cover für 'Challenges to Law at the End of the 20th Century: Law, Justice and Culture.
André-Jean Arnaud (Hrsg.) / Peter Koller (Hrsg.)
Challenges to Law at the End of the 20th Century: Law, Justice and Culture.
Proceedings of the 17th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Bologna, 16th–21th June 1995. Vol. 2


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200 p.

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Law and Morality: D. B. Boersema: Rights and Moral Compromise – A. W. Musschenga: Incommensurable Views on the Existence of Ultimate Moral Disagreements – G. Pincione: On the Relative Stringency of Negative and Positive Moral Duties – W. L. Robison: Hard Cases and Natural Law – C.-L. Sheng: Law and Morality – Their Main Differences and Degeneration – A. Verza: Law, Morality and Tolerance: Hart and After – R. Wacks: Law's Umpire: Judges, Truth, and Moral Accountability – D. Wood: The Moral and Power Dimensions of Law – Justice: K. L. Avio: Discourse Ethics, Constitutional Contract and the Problem of Implementation: Application to Aboriginal Rights – R. E. Mackay: Restorative Justice: Natural Law, Community and Ideal Speech – A. M. Macleod: Efficiency and Justice – M. C. Pievatolo: An Interpretation of Kant: the Political Neutrality of Justice and the Value of Liberty – Culture: F. Galindo: Cultural Environment and the Concept of Law – M. Kopperi: Social Fragmentation and Political Culture – N. M. Martínez Yáñez: Linguistic Flaws of the Spanish Debate on the Obligation to Obey the Law – H. Ólafsson: Anthropology and the Possibility of Productive Social Dialogue – P. Riekkinen: The Power of the Supreme Court and the Death Sentence: "The mystical foundation of the authority" – R. Rosales: Culture, Community and Gender in the Formation of Agency – P. van Aerschot: Juridification from the Point of View of Modernization

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