More Math Into LaTeX

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Von George Grätzer
More Math Into LaTeX

4. Aufl. 2007

Springer-Verlag / Springer New York

620 S.

E-Book (PDF-Format)

ISBN 978-0-387-68852-7

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This is the fourth edition of the standard introductory text and complete reference for scientists in all disciplines, as well as engineers. This fully revised version includes important updates on articles and books as well as information on a crucial new topic: how to create transparencies and computer projections, both for classrooms and professional meetings. The text maintains its user-friendly, example-based, visual approach, gently easing readers into the secrets of Latex with The Short Course. Then it introduces basic ideas through sample articles and documents. It includes a visual guide and detailed exposition of multiline math formulas, and even provides instructions on preparing books for publishers. George Grätzer is a Doctor of Science at the University of Manitoba. He authored three other books on LaTex: First Steps in LaTeX and Math into LateX , which is now in its third edition and has sold more than 6000 copies. Math into LaTeX was chosen by the Mathematics Editor of as one of the ten best books of 2000. He has also written many articles and a few books on the subject of lattices and universal algebra. In addition, Grätzer is the founder of the international mathematical journal, Algebra Universalis.

The LaTeX Book is for the professional or student who needs to quickly learn how to writeand typeset using LaTeX or wants to advance their LaTeX knowledge in order to write articles, books or presentations containing mathematical formulas. As a spin-off of Grätzer s well-received Math into LaTeX, this book retains the simple, example-based, visual approach, with sample articles to demonstrate the basic structure of LaTeX and AMS articles. This book includes a new chapter on implementing LaTeX on multiple platforms and an entirely new section on creating presentations; he discusses both the simpler FoilTex package and the more sophisticated Beamer package. Rounding out this book is a major revision to the amsart document class.This comprehensive and up-to-date guide is the result of over two centuries of LaTeX experience. As Grätzer began as a user of LaTeX, he writes from a user s perspective, making this guide accessible to the beginner and rewarding to the more experienced LaTeX user.
Key features of The LaTeX Book
A simple, example-based, visual approach
A quick introduction (Part I), allowing readers to type their first articles in only a few hours
Sample articles to demonstrate the basic structure of LaTeX and AMS articles
Useful appendices containing mathematical and text symbol tables and information on how to convert from older versions
A new chapter on implementing TeX and LaTeX on a PC, MAC or UNIX machine
Also a new chapter on presentations with details on both the FoilTeX and Beamer packages
Another new chapter describing amsrefs, a simpler method for formatting references that incorporates and replaces BibTeX data
Key features of More Math into Latex, 4th edition:
- Installation instructions for PC and Mac users
- An example-based, visual approach and a gentle introduction with the Short Course
- A detailed exposition of multiline math formulas with a Visual Guide
- A unified approach to Tex, Latex, and the AMS enhancements
- A quick introduction to creating presentations with computer projections
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